Bulawayo Man's Desperate Suicide Attempt as Rats Feast on His Life Savings[Image Credit: iStock]

Bulawayo Man’s Desperate Suicide Attempt as Rats Feast on His Life Savings

Philip Sibanda, a 20-year-old man from Bulawayo, attempted to take his own life after discovering that his hard-earned savings had been eaten by rats.

A Devastating Discovery

Sibanda, who had been diligently saving money for an undisclosed purpose, was confronted with heart-wrenching despair when he finally opened his makeshift “banks.” The once valuable currency had been reduced to shreds, tainted by rust, and contaminated with rodent droppings.

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A Descent into Darkness

Overwhelmed by the loss, Sibanda’s mental state deteriorated rapidly, culminating in a suspected suicide attempt on February 12. He set his room ablaze, with intentions to end his life amidst the turmoil.

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A Timely Rescue

Fortunately, Sibanda’s co-tenants acted swiftly and managed to rescue him from the engulfing flames. They rushed him to Mpilo Central Hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment for severe burns.

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The Sad Secret

According to friends who spoke to B-Metro, Sibanda had been living frugally, diligently saving money in his tins for an unknown “big thing.” He had been discreetly accumulating R100, US$10, and US$20 notes since last year.

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A Temptation Avoided

In an attempt to resist the urge to spend his savings prematurely, Sibanda deliberately refrained from checking on the money regularly. Little did he know that his noble efforts would be in vain.

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A Neighbor’s Account

A neighbor, who requested anonymity, expressed the magnitude of Sibanda’s despair upon discovering the tattered remnants of his savings. The neighbor shared, “Imagine the overwhelming despair when he finally opened his piggy bank and saw scraps of torn banknotes, rusted and useless money with rat dropping.”

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The Tragic Night

Tsungirirai Ranganai, Sibanda’s co-tenant, recounted the fateful night. Sibanda returned home intoxicated, desperately seeking $5 for a meal. In the early hours of the morning, chaos ensued as Sibanda’s shouts pierced the silence, urging everyone to awaken.