Ngezi River

Zvishavane Granny Arrested for Drowning 10-Year-Old Grandson in Ngezi River

The town of Zvishavane was gripped with disbelief as a 66-year-old granny was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly drowning her own 10-year-old grandson in Ngezi River during a cleansing ritual.

Tragedy Strikes at Village 16 Rupemba Chief Mafala

Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko

The Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, provided details of the incident that occurred last Saturday in Zvishavane’s Village 16 Rupemba Chief Mafala. According to Inspector Mahoko, the suspect, granny Senzakupi Nyoni, was at home with her daughter, Svetukai Muruviri (36), and her two juvenile grandsons.

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An Innocent Child Haunted by Evil Spirits

It was during this fateful evening, around 5 pm, that one of the grandsons allegedly fell into a trance. He claimed that his younger brother, Ropafadzo Tunhai (10), was tormented by evil spirits. By that time the whole family believed and agreed that a cleansing ritual involving water was necessary to rid the young boy of these haunting forces.

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A Desperate Act Turns Tragic

Ngezi River

Driven by a mixture of desperation and faith, the accused granny decided to accompany her grandson to the nearby Ngezi River. The intent was to perform the cleansing ceremony and free the young boy from the clutches of evil.

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Drowning Claims Young Ropafadzo

Amidst the ritual, a 10-year-old boy tragically lost his life, succumbing to the waters of the Ngezi River. Granny returned home with the lifeless body of her grandson, prompting the village head, Mr. Moses Msipa, to report the incident to the local authorities.

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Arrest and Investigation

Upon receiving the report, the police swiftly responded to the scene. The life-altering turn of events led to the immediate arrest of the granny.