Zvishavane 22-year-old Man Knifed to Death in US$1 Sadza Dispute[Image Credit: Wikimedia]

Zvishavane 22-year-old Man Knifed to Death in US$1 Sadza Dispute

A 22-year-old man from Zvishavane lost his life after being knifed to death in US1 sadza dispute. Ellias Makamu is said to have bought a plate of sadza for US1 and paid with US$10 note.

Fatal Stabbing Erupts from Dispute Over Change

A plate of sadza

Makamu did not receive his change of US$9, which led to an argument between the two individuals. The situation quickly escalated, and the suspect Coleen Takawira, resorted to violence. Takawira stabbed Makamu with a sharp object, causing him to collapse on the ground. Makamu suffered profuse bleeding and was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

“Upon inquiring about his change an argument arose between the two and the suspect. Coleen Takawira stabbed Makamu with a sharp object and he fell to the ground,” stated Insp Emmanuel Mahoko.

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ZRP Launch Manhunt for Suspect

The police have launched a manhunt to apprehend Takawira, who is currently at large. They are urging anyone with information about Takawira’s whereabouts to come forward and assist in the investigation.

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Another Story: Law Enforcement Agents in Suspected Thief’s Death

Blessing Zadzi

In a separate incident, a police officer and a soldier have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the killing of a suspected thief. The incident unfolded in Glen Lorne, resulting in a disturbing turn of events.

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Assault and Controversial Actions in Suspected Thief’s Case

Soldier Dennis Nyati (32) and Police Officer Stanley Muchimba (33), along with Clever Malunga, Tinashe Gama, and Tanaka Nyabote, face assault charges. They allegedly forced Blessing Zadzi down a slope, accusing him of theft.

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Zadzi lost consciousness, prompting the group to instruct two individuals to take him home. The extent of his condition is uncertain, and investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of his unconsciousness and subsequent death.


The arrests of the officer and soldier have raised concerns about law enforcement’s conduct and commitment to justice. The case will be closely monitored to ensure accountability for all involved as it progresses through the legal system.