Mugwadi and Mutarisi Lock Horns in Epic Clash Over Zesa Power Cut[Image Credit: Facebook]

Mugwadi and Mutarisi Lock Horns in Epic Clash Over Zesa Power Cut

Zanu PF member of Parliament, Tafadzwa Mugwadi lock horns with Nash Paints Boss Tinashe Mutarisi in an epic clash over Zesa power cut.

Mutarisi Faces Accusations of Victim Mentality

Tafadzwa Mugwadi

Nash Paints boss, earlier expressed frustration over the impact of electricity outages on his business. However Tafadzwa responded by accusing him of portraying himself as the sole victim.

“To then single out electricity challenges as if they were targeted on you or that they are unique to Zimbabwe alone in light of known variables affecting electricity availability is literal dishonesty,” stated Tafadzwa.

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Mugwadi Cites Other Entrepreneurs Thriving Amid Power Cuts

Nash Paints Boss

In his rebuttal, Mugwadi highlighted other successful businessmen who have managed to thrive despite the power cuts.

“That said our Gvt has produced a Masiyiwa, the Mashwedes, the Mudiwas, the Sakundas. The bankers u name them & houses top global firms like the John Derres of this world without incident nevermind their beliefs, real or perceived. Why wld u think in this class, u are the hilltop that shld be targeted?” posted Tafadzwa.

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Prophet Passion Java Accuses Mutarisi of Arson

Passion Java, joined the conversation and accused Tinashe of intentionally setting fire to his own factory earlier this year in order to claim insurance money. Tinashe swiftly retaliated, vehemently denying the allegations and exposing what he claimed to be Java’s deceptive tactics.

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Nash Paints Boss, Threatens to Expose Java

Mutarisi went on to threaten to reveal Java’s alleged boasts about having a direct line to the president. He labeled Java a liar who exploits the government’s name to intimidate and deceive people.


The online exchange between Mugwadi, Tinashe, and Java has captivated Netizens and drawn attention to the challenges faced by businesses due to electricity outages.