Bulawayo Sangoma's Powers Tested as Brazen Thief Broke into His Sacred Shrine[Image Credit: Bulawayo 24]

Bulawayo Sangoma’s Powers Tested as Brazen Thief Broke into His Sacred Shrine

Bulawayo Sangoma’s supernatural powers were tested as a brazen thief broke into his sacred shrine and made off with his Zinatha certificate, identity documents and US$300.

Sangoma’s Awkward Decision: Reporting the case to Police Instead of Dealing with the Thief Spiritually

Instead of relying on his mystical powers to recover the stolen goods, Luckjoy Tongogara took a different approach. He promptly reported the theft to the police, seeking justice through conventional means. The incident came to light during the trial of the accused, Jackson Takaruza, who faced charges of unlawful entry into premises in aggravating circumstances.

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Denial and Testimony

Takaruza, on the other hand, pleaded not guilty to the charges. Although he admitted entering Tongogara’s room, he vehemently denied taking the practicing certificate, identity documents, and the US$300. In his defense, Takaruza claimed innocence despite evidence implicating him.

Suspicion and Eyewitness Accounts

During the trial, Tongogara testified that he had strong suspicions regarding Takaruza’s involvement in the theft. Witnesses from the neighborhood claimed to have seen Takaruza entering the room while Tongogara was away, further supporting the traditional healer’s suspicions.

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The Unsettling Discovery

Upon returning home, Tongogara was met with a shocking sight. The door to his room was wide open, signaling a breach in security. Stepping inside, he discovered the disheartening truth, his practicing certificates, identity documents, and the US$300 were missing. Determined to find the culprit, Tongogara turned to his neighbors for information, who identified Takaruza as the person they witnessed entering his room.

Police Involvement and Arrest

Driven by a desire for justice, Tongogara promptly reported the incident to the police. The authorities swiftly acted upon the information, leading to Takaruza’s subsequent arrest.


As the trial proceeds, the court will assess Takaruza’s guilt and the fate of the stolen items. However, Tongogara’s legal approach raises doubts about his supernatural abilities, fueling concerns voiced by H-Metro. The article warns against fraudulent traditional healers, leaving people wondering if Tongogara falls into that category. Only time will reveal the truth.