ZRP Arrested Over 43 000 Motorists in 'Tame The Traffic Jungle Operation[Image Credit: 263Chat]

ZRP Arrested Over 43 000 Motorists in ‘Tame The Traffic Jungle Operation

Over 43 000 motorists have been arrested by the Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) under the ‘Tame the Traffic Jungle’ operation. The operation aims to address the surge in road accidents attributed to unlicensed vehicles, unroadworthy vehicles, unauthorized public transport operators, and reckless driving.

Cracking Down on Traffic Offenses

In response to the alarming increase in road accidents, the ZRP launched the “Tame the Traffic Jungle” operation to bring order to the chaotic traffic situation. According to the police, a total of 43,154 arrests have been made during this ongoing operation.

“The ZRP reports that a total of 43 154 arrests have been effected during the on-going operation ‘Tame the Traffic Jungle’”, stated the police.

Curbing Unauthorized Public Transport

Among the arrests, 14,469 individuals were arrested for operating illegal pirate taxis, commonly known as “mushikashika.” This crackdown aims to eliminate unlicensed and unregulated public transport that poses risks to commuters and contributes to traffic congestion.

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Reckless Driving and Touting

The ZRP cracked down on reckless drivers, arresting 342 motorists who endangered themselves and others on the roads. Furthermore, 2,961 individuals were apprehended for touting, which involves soliciting passengers unlawfully or in restricted zones.

Enforcement of Vehicle Registration

The police have impounded 1,048 vehicles found operating without registration plates. This measure ensures that vehicles on the roads are properly registered, enhancing accountability and traceability.

“1 048 vehicles have been impounded for moving on the roads with no registration plates,” police said in a statement.

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Promoting Traffic Compliance and Public Reporting

Authorities have emphasized the importance of motorists adhering to traffic laws and regulations. Compliance with registration, licensing, and roadworthiness requirements is crucial for maintaining safety on the roads. The police have urged citizens to report any instances of illegal or unsafe transport operators, allowing for swift action against offenders.