23-Year-Old Caretaker Faces Charges for Stealing Whopping US$12K[Image Credit: H-Metro]

23-Year-Old Caretaker Faces Charges for Stealing Whopping US$12K

A 23-year-old caretaker, Carlos Winsley Manhanga, appeared in court on charges of stealing cash and property valued at more than US$12K from his employer. The accused appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi but did not enter a plea.

Theft During Employer’s Absence

According to court records, Manhanga was entrusted with his employer’s house while she traveled abroad in February. During her absence, it is alleged that the caretaker stole various items, including two 65-inch televisions, two solar lithium batteries, a Capri upright refrigerator, a deep freezer, a treadmill, a lawnmower, and $3,000 in cash.

Discovery and Police Report

Upon her return to Zimbabwe on September 21, Manhanga’s employer discovered the missing items and promptly reported the incident to the police. Subsequently, Manhanga was taken in for questioning, leading the authorities to recover some of the stolen items.

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The case is currently ongoing, and further proceedings will resume today in court.

Another story: Former Tenant Ordered to Pay $600 in Rental Arrears

Stella Mafunga, a former tenant of Francis Nyakudya, has been ordered by the court to settle outstanding rental arrears amounting to $600 by the end of this month.

Failure to Pay Rent and Request for Payment Plan

It was revealed in court that Mafunga had not paid rent for three months and was seeking to settle a total of $630.

“She hasn’t paid rent since June. When I asked her for the money, she always gave different excuses, stated Nyakudya. “She must pay even though she has now left my house.”

Court Decision

Mafunga acknowledged her debt but requested a payment plan, stating that she could only afford to pay $30 per month. “I have already left his premises and I never refused to pay him his money. I can afford to pay $30 per month,” Mafunga argued. However, Magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu deemed her proposed repayment amount too low. Stella was ordered to settle the full debt by the end of this month.


Caretakers exploiting solitude at work to pilfer belongings and cash from employers are increasing. Zimbabwenow reported a similar case where a caretaker and gardener at Property World Private Limited vanished with $15K, unnoticed.