Say Goodbye to Sim Cards: Econet Unveils eSIM[Image Credit: Econet Facebook]

Say Goodbye to Sim Cards: Econet Unveils eSIM

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has made a groundbreaking announcement, unveiling the country’s first eSIM service for both prepaid and post paid customers.

Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

With the introduction of eSIM technology, they are aiming to provide customers with enhanced convenience, choice, and flexibility. By eliminating the need for physical sim cards, these digital cards are embedded directly into smartphones. They will allow users to have multiple phone numbers on a single device. Econet has invested significant time in testing this new technology to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Seamless Activation and Compatibility

The company is thrilled to offer eSIM activation for free in all Econet shops nationwide. To determine device compatibility, customers can simply dial *#06# to access their “Embedded Identity Document” (EID). If their device is compatible, they can proceed to the nearest Econet shop with their original national ID to have their new digital card activated.

“If one’s device is compatible, one can immediately proceed to the nearest Econet shop with their original ID  and get their new eSIM activated for free,” they stated in a statement.

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Expanded Compatibility with Leading Smartphones

Econet has confirmed that a range of popular smartphone models is compatible with their eSIM service. Devices such as the iPhone XS to the latest iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, S22, and S23 series, Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei P50 Pro, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Itel Vision 3 Plus, and Itel P37 Pro all support eSIM functionality on Econet’s network.

Security and Environmental Advantages

Digital cards offer enhanced security compared to physical SIM cards, as they cannot be accessed externally. Furthermore, this technology simplifies the process of transferring data to a new device. Also it is environmentally friendly which means it eliminates the need for a physical sim card.

Leading telecommunications and technology company, emphasizes that the new technology aligns with their digital transformation strategy, providing a significant leap forward in redesigning the customer journey.