[Image Credit: Blot aka Grenade Facebook]

Zimdancehall Artiste Blot Acquitted of Crystal Meth Possession

Zimdancehall artiste Takura ‘Blot’ Chioniso has been discharged and acquitted by Mbare magistrate Masaiona Shortgame after being charged with unlawful possession of crystal meth.

Application for Discharge

Blot’s legal team, comprising Ndanatswa Mazvimbakupa and Stanley Mtandadzi, filed an application for his discharge after the State presented its case.

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The defense argued that the State failed to adequately prove its case against Blot. Makombe, a witness, revealed during cross-examination that the tip-off received did not specify any individual. The defense emphasized that Blot was merely present in the vehicle mentioned in the report.

Lack of Drug Paraphernalia as Evidence

Blot’s defense highlighted that the alleged drug paraphernalia, a bulb and lighter, were not presented as evidence. This omission raised doubts about Blot’s physical control over the illegal substance, a crucial aspect of the accusation.

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The defense team argued that Makombe’s admission that he did not search Blot’s person and did not find the sachet on him raises doubt about the ownership of the drugs. Makombe himself acknowledged the possibility that the sachet may not have belonged to Blot.

“During cross examination, Makombe told the court that he did not search Blot on his person,” stated Makombe. “He did not find the sachet on him and confirmed that there was a possibility that the sachet could not have been Blot’s.”

Acquittal by the Magistrate

Considering the arguments presented by the defense, Mbare magistrate Masaiona Shortgame ruled in favor of Blot, discharging and acquitting him of the drug charges.


Blot had been in custody since June 17 until his recent acquittal. The artiste can now breathe a sigh of relief as he resumes his career in the Zimdancehall music genre.