Husband's Vicious Attack on Wife Ends in Unimaginable Tragedy[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Husband’s Vicious Attack on Wife Ends in Unimaginable Tragedy

In a horrifying incident that unfolded in Budiriro, a husband unleashed a brutal attack on his wife, ultimately leading to her tragic demise. Tisha Susan Munemo (24) fell victim to the wrath of her enraged husband, Tinotenda Gudo (34), who accused her of infidelity. The assault involved the use of wooden sticks and merciless kicks that continued until her life was extinguished. Gudo then callously dragged Susan’s lifeless body into a nearby toilet.

Friends Witness the Horrific Assault

During the assault, two of Tinotenda’s friends were present in the room, serving as unwilling witnesses to the brutal attack. However, it was the tenants who, upon hearing the commotion, alerted the police, ultimately leading to Gudo’s apprehension.

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The tragedy revealed Susan’s enduring suffering in her marriage. Budiriro residents were shocked and regretful for not knowing her pain. Susan endured mistreatment but hesitated to report her husband’s abuse, sometimes sleeping outside.

“We didn’t know that Susan had relatives considering the life she has been living under the mercy of Tinotenda,” said one of the neighbours. “She was forced to pack her belongings several times and even slept outside the house at times.

Arrest and Investigation

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed Tinotenda Gudo’s arrest. He  stated that Gudo is expected to appear in court today.

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“Police arrested a Budiriro man for murder,” said Insp Chakanza. “The suspect was reported to have assaulted the now deceased accusing her of infidelity. She was questioned over a man believed to have been seen by the suspect standing close to their house. The now deceased said she didn’t know the man and was assaulted.”

The arrest came after Gudo’s violent outburst, accusing Susan of infidelity due to suspicions of a nearby man. Susan denied any involvement, but Tinotenda’s rage led to the deadly attack, reported hmetro.