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Vengeful Crowd Takes Matters into Their Own Hands with Car Thief Thembani in Bulawayo

In a shocking display of mob justice, an alleged car thief, Thembani, faced a violent onslaught from an enraged crowd in Bulawayo. The incident occurred on September 4, leaving Thembani with lasting memories of the brutal encounter.

Caught in the Act

Thembani’s ill-fated day took a turn for the worse when he was caught red-handed attempting to break into a car parked at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Fort Street. The owner of the vehicle witnessed the crime and swiftly rushed to confront Thembani. Thembani quickly fled upon realizing he had been spotted.

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The car owner, determined to bring Thembani to justice, gave chase and called out for assistance. Bystanders were compelled to join the pursuit, and together they managed to apprehend the fleeing suspect.

A Vicious Assault

Upon capturing Thembani, the crowd unleashed an onslaught of punches, kicks, and verbal abuse. They mercilessly attacked him, tearing his shirt and trousers in the process. In a particularly degrading act, a woman stripped him of his underwear, leaving him completely exposed.

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As the mob continued to unleash their fury upon Thembani, some onlookers seized the opportunity to capture the horrifying scene on camera. In a disturbing display of insensitivity, individuals mocked the suspect’s manhood.

Allegations of Serial Theft

Several women among the crowd claimed to have fallen victim to Thembani’s alleged thieving spree, accusing him of being a serial thief responsible for the loss of their belongings.

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Fortunately, two police officers happened to be passing by and intervened, putting an end to the brutal assault. They protected Thembani from further harm and escorted him to the Bulawayo Central Police Station for further investigation.


Thembani is believed to be part of a group of thieves known to operate in the vicinity of 6th Avenue and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street, reported bmetro.. This further raises concerns about organized criminal activity in the area.