Zimbabwe's Battle Against Greed: President Mnangagwa Warns Indian BusinessesImage Credit: Sunday Mail

Zimbabwe’s Battle Against Greed: President Mnangagwa Warns Indian Businesses

Zimbabwe’s President Mnangagwa has warned businesses against creating artificial shortages of basic commodities, saying the government will not tolerate such practices. The President made the remarks while addressing ZANU PF supporters in Nyele Primary School in Bulilima, Matabeleland South province. He accused some businesses, including Innscor, of being involved in malpractices. According to the Sunday Mail, the President’s statement comes after the sudden disappearance of basic commodities in some shops, particularly in urban areas.

Investigation into the latest shenanigans

President Mnangagwa has directed a team to investigate the latest shenanigans of those working against ZANU PF. He singled out giant company Innscor as being among those involved in malpractices. The President warned that the government would confiscate not only the warehouses but also the goods inside if investigations revealed any hoarding of basic goods.

Economic stability and development at the heart of the Second Republic

President Mnangagwa reiterated that economic stability and development are at the heart of the Second Republic. He emphasized that Zimbabweans should rally behind the government’s development agenda, conscious of the fact that the country can only be developed by its people. The President said Zimbabwe will forge ahead using its natural and human resources and adopt a deliberate plan to stimulate economic growth and development from grassroots levels.

President calling for Devolution of funds

The President said Zimbabwe had adopted a deliberate plan to stimulate economic growth and development from grassroots levels. He revealed that the government has sent $16 billion to Mat South since 2020 to deal with small community needs. President Mnangagwa said Matabeleland South is rich in minerals and called for the resources to benefit local communities first and the economy as a whole.

VP Chiwenga’s call for unity

Speaking at the rally, Vice President Dr. Constantino Chiwenga called for tolerance and unity among Zimbabweans. He urged the nation to vote for the revolutionary party in harmony and peace under President Mnangagwa.

ZANU PF Second Secretary Cde Kembo Mohadi said that the country is experiencing development in areas such as the construction of dams, new roads, and irrigation schemes. He attributed the progress to the efforts made by President Mnangagwa.