Mabrijo's Secret to Success: Pray, Work Hard and Wait for Miracle Money!!Image Credit: Mabrijo Facebook

Mabrijo’s Secret to Success: Pray, Work Hard and Wait for Miracle Money!!

In a recent video posted on her Instagram account, socialite Mabrijo revealed her secret to success. Mabrijo shared an inspiring message with her followers, urging them not to give up on their dreams and to have faith in the power of prayer. Her video quickly gained traction, with many fans praising her for her positive outlook and encouraging words.

Mabrijo’s Secret Message of Hope and Perseverance

In the video, Mabrijo emphasizes the importance of not losing hope, even in the face of challenges. She encourages her followers to pray, work hard, and wait for miracles to happen in their lives.

“Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, pray, work hard and wait for the miracle,” Mabrijo posted.

Her uplifting message resonated with many, as they found solace in her words during these difficult times.

Walletically: A Word that Inspired a Song

In the video, Mabrijo showcases her new Christian Dior handbag and a suitcase while dancing to Jah Prayzah’s song “Walletically.” Interestingly, Mabrijo is credited with coining the term “Walletically,” which inspired Jah Prayzah to write the song. This demonstrates the impact of Mabrijo’s words and actions on the creative world around her.

Fans React to Mabrijo’s Message

Mabrijo’s video sparked a wave of positive reactions from her fans, who praised her for her style, confidence, and motivation. Here are some of the comments by her followers:


Mabrijo moto


nyama last




Nyatso looking like a married woman here, it suits you manje


You are so hot Bridget, I like your style


I like your dress


MaBrijo to the world… so proud of your hustle munin’ina wangu. Bossing moves there. Urikubvira


Wear more of these



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