World Class Motors Director In Court for Stealing Trust Property Worth US$6K[Image Credit: World Class Motors Facebook]

World Class Motors Director In Court for Stealing Trust Property Worth US$6K

World Class Motors director, George Mpala appeared in court for stealing trust property valued at a staggering US$6K.

He appeared before Harare regional magistrate Letwin Rwodzi and was granted release on $200 bail.

The Alleged Theft and Sale of Vehicles

According to court proceedings, on August 23, 2019, Mpala sold two car bodies, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and a Toyota Alex, to the complainant Trymore Simango. Simango was provided with receipts for both items. Simango towed the Toyota Alex and entrusted the Toyota Land Cruiser to Mpala’s custody.

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Unauthorized Sale and Failed Recovery

Toyota Land Cruiser

Shockingly, Mpala proceeded to sell the Toyota Land Cruiser to Abraham Antonio on February 8, 2020, without Simango’s knowledge or consent. In November of the same year, Simango attempted to retrieve the Toyota Land Cruiser but faced countless obstacles in his pursuit.

Legal Intervention and Arrest

Left with no other recourse, Simango reported Mpala to the police, resulting in his subsequent arrest. Kelvin Munyimi represented the State in court.

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Trio Faces Court for Trickery and Theft

In an unrelated incident, three women, Fransisca Zhanda, Sylvia Gondo, and Emilia Muriva, appeared in court after a video of them engaging in theft using the ‘chadonha’ trickery went viral on social media.

Repeat Offenders Linked to Multiple Cases

The trio has also been connected to five other theft cases from the previous year and will remain in custody until a bail hearing tomorrow. On January 20, the complainant, Ropafadzo Mauruka, noticed what appeared to be a bundle of money at the corner of Nelson Mandela and Mbuya Nehanda Street. The three women approached her and proposed an equal distribution of the money.

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Deception and Loss

Emilia Muriva entered a nearby shop under the pretext of counting the money and returned, claiming it amounted to US$720. She then convinced Ropafadzo to surrender her money and belongings for division in the shop. Ropafadzo handed over US$267 and her cellphone, receiving a bundle wrapped in a sock in return.

Discovery and Assistance

Upon opening the bundle outside the shop, Ropafadzo realized she had been handed papers instead of money. She searched for the trio but they had vanished. Fortunately, Tafadwa Chidawo witnessed the incident, filmed it, and aided Ropafadzo in recovering her cash and cellphone.