Shamva Gold Mine Security Guard Sentenced to 25 Years for Fatal Shooting of Illegal Miner[Image Credit: Youtube]

Shamva Gold Mine Security Guard Sentenced to 25 Years for Fatal Shooting of Illegal Miner

Jeremiah Saungweme, a former soldier and security guard at Shamva Gold Mine, has been handed a 25-year prison sentence for fatally shooting an illegal miner.

The Fatal Shooting and Sentencing

Saungweme, branded overzealous, was found guilty of shooting and killing an illegal artisanal miner who was part of a gang that had invaded the minefields. High Court judge, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi, delivered the sentence.

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Inexcusable Zeal and Loss of Life

Shamva Gold Mine

Justice Mutevedzi expressed strong disapproval, stating that there was no justification for Saungweme’s actions. The judge also highlighted that the miners were already leaving the site and that the gold mine had other means of protection.

“The killing of the deceased was therefore inexcusable,” Justice Mutevedzi said.

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Disregard for Human Life

The judge further condemned Saungweme’s complete disregard for human life. He also emphasized that Saungweme failed to provide assistance to the victim after shooting him.

“He unfortunately showed a complete disregard for human life by failing to assist the deceased at the time that he shot him,” ruled the judge. “Even grave as the injuries were, the least the offender could have done was to attempt to help. He did not.” 

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Misguided Notions of Protection


The court recognized that Saungweme was misguided in believing that he had the authority to kill to protect the mine’s assets. It was also established that the deceased and his accomplices were engaging in illegal mining activities.

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The Tragic Incident

On the fateful day, it is said that, Saungweme responded to the invasion alongside three other security guards. They pursued the panners, with Saungweme singling out the victim armed with a revolver. In a bushy area, he shot the miner in the back of the head, resulting in instantaneous death.