David Livingstone Primary School Driver Faces Court Hearing for Kidnapping 25 Students[Image Credit: H-Metro]

David Livingstone Primary School Driver Faces Court Hearing for Kidnapping 25 Students

A David Livingstone primary school driver who is accused of kidnapping 25 students in Harare made his appearance in court over the weekend.

Driver Charged with Kidnapping

[Image Credit: H-Metro]
Samuel Honde (60) stood before Harare magistrate Mrs Letwin Rwodzi, facing charges of kidnapping. He has been remanded in custody until February 2, and the court has ordered a mental examination for Honde.

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Allegations of Contracted Transportation Gone Wrong

According to reports, Honde had been contracted by parents to transport their children from their homes in Greater Harare to David Livingstone School since 2016.

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The Alleged Kidnapping Incident

On January 18, at approximately 1 pm, Honde picked up 25 learners from the school in a white Nissan Caravan minibus. Instead of taking them home to Kuwadzana Extension and nearby areas as agreed, he drove east along the Harare-Mutare Road without the consent of the children or their parents.

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Reaching the 103km mark in Macheke, the vehicle ran out of fuel, forcing Honde to park it. A concerned passer-by noticed the presence of distressed children and suspected foul play. The individual promptly informed the local police in Macheke.

Swift Action by Authorities

The police swiftly responded, arriving at the scene and apprehending Honde on charges of kidnapping. The children were taken to Marondera Provincial Hospital for medical examination and were subsequently discharged after receiving appropriate care.

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Reunion with Parents and Guardians

Following their ordeal, the children were joyously reunited with their relieved parents and guardians, bringing an end to this distressing incident.