Welcome to Harare: Innocent Bulawayo Man Lost US$5K to Harare Con Artists at Market Square[Image Credit: Sunday Mail]

Welcome to Harare: Innocent Bulawayo Man Lost US$5K to Harare Con Artists at Market Square

An innocent young man from Bulawayo aged 20 fell victim to a gang of Harare con artists while waiting for his brother at Market Square Bus Terminus.  Moses Tserayi, one of the alleged perpetrators, has been charged with theft and remanded in custody pending his bail application.

Intricate Deception Unfolds

Tinotenda Ndoro had just disembarked from a bus from Bulawayo and was waiting for his brother at a fast-food restaurant when he was approached by Tserayi and his accomplices.

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An Offer Too Good to Resist

Market Square Harare

The conmen enticed Ndoro by claiming they had discovered a sum of money that they were willing to share equally. Tserayi convinced Ndoro to accompany him to the Kopje area in Harare, promising privacy and ample time to divide the money.

Prayer Interrupted by Alleged Impersonators

Once in the Kopje area, Tserayi and Ndoro decided to begin with a prayer before dividing the money. However, during the prayer, individuals claiming to be police officers arrived on the scene. Following a supposed routine search, they confiscated Ndoro’s US$5,000 and the counterfeit notes Tserayi possessed.

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A Swift Escape and Harrowing Realization

As the situation unfolded, another accomplice recognized Tserayi as the one who had found the money, exonerating Ndoro. While being slapped once and instructed to flee, Ndoro quickly realized that his cash had been stolen.

Pursuit and Apprehension of Con artists

Determined to recover his stolen money, Ndoro swiftly turned back and pursued the four suspects. He managed to catch up with them just as they were about to cross Abdel Gamal Nassar Road.

Tserayi was arrested by an undercover police officer driving a private vehicle. Upon searching Tserayi, the officer recovered US$902, $4,000, and two counterfeit US$100 notes. Unfortunately, the remaining three suspects fled back into the Kopje area.

Total Loss: US$5,000

In total, the stolen amount sums up to US$5,000, leaving Ndoro devastated by the elaborate scam. Investigations are ongoing to arrest the remaining culprits and bring them to justice.