Temba Mliswa Stands Up for Winky D Amidst Backlash Over Ghettocraft Concert[Image Credit: Facebook]

Temba Mliswa Stands Up for Winky D Amidst Backlash Over Ghettocraft Concert

Former MP for Norton constituency, Temba Mliswa, has come forward to defend Winky D after his Ghettocraft concert at HICC drew a backlash.

Winky D’s Milestone Performance

Winky D was celebrating 20-year milestone in the music industry and addressed several issues affecting the Zimbabweans, himself and the grudge between himself and Holy Ten. Addressing these issues resulted in him receiving criticism from those labeling him a political activist.

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Addressing Social Realities and Challenges

Winky D at HICC

During his performance, Gombwe sang a verse highlighting key concerns. Firstly, he mentioned the mass exodus of millions of Zimbabweans who seek better opportunities abroad. Secondly, he addressed the ban imposed on his music by all national radio stations. Lastly, he dove into the ongoing feud between himself and Holy Ten, sparked by their collaboration on the song “Ibotso” from the Eureka Eureka album. The track tackles the nation’s corruption crisis initiated by political elites.

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Holy Ten Fans and Ruling Party Supporters Criticize Winky D

Winky D and Holy Ten During Eureka Eureka Album Launch

Unfortunately, Gafa’s decision to articulate these pressing issues in his New Year’s performance drew criticism from Holy Ten’s fans and supporters of the ruling party. Holy Ten distanced himself from the politically charged song after it faced backlash from the ruling party. In subsequent interviews, he openly criticized Gafa, even referring to him as a snake.

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Mliswa Defends the Freedom of Artistic Expression

Temba Mliswa

In a passionate defense of Gafa, Temba Mliswa took to social media to express his support. He argued that stifling artists and limiting their expression hinders the nation’s progress.

“We can never progress as a nation when we try to hem and pinion everyone into a specific path of thinking. Artists the world over have always commented on social issues. Why do we find it strange about our own doing the same? Isn’t that part of art,” posted Temba.