Three-month-old Baby Kidnapped by Mother's Friend From Glen View at Salon[Image Credit: Wealth Of Ideas]

Three-month-old Baby Kidnapped by Mother’s Friend From Glen View at Salon

A three-month-old baby was kidnapped from her mother’s hands by a supposed friend from Glen View at a salon in Harare.

Deceptive Friendship & A Calculated Plan by Glen View Friend

Investigations have revealed that the baby’s mother struck up a friendship with the unknown woman, who promised to assist with various needs, including accompanying her to a salon for a hairdo. On the fateful day, the woman proposed a trip to the city to collect cash and visit a salon. They arrived at the salon together, where the woman requested the hairdresser to tend to the mother’s hair while she held the baby.

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A Disappearing Act with Tragic Consequences

[Image Credit: Wealth of Ideas]
During the hairdressing process, the woman received a phone call and excused herself to answer it outside the salon. Minutes later, she returned and informed the baby’s mother that she needed to meet someone who would give her cash and promised to return shortly.

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Desperate Father Pleads for Help

The woman cunningly borrowed US$2 from the hairdresser, claiming she would repay it when settling the hairdo bill. However, she vanished into thin air, taking the precious baby with her. The devastated mother promptly reported the incident to the police.

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Police Confirms the Heart-Wrenching Incident

Harare provincial spokesperson Inspector Luckmore Chakanza confirmed that investigations were underway. But as of now, neither the baby nor the kidnapper have been located. The anguished father has taken to social media, circulating audio messages and sharing the child’s photo, appealing to the public for any information that may aid in finding their beloved baby.


The alarming increase in baby kidnappings is evident, as seen in a recent court case. A woman stands accused of abducting a five-month-old baby boy from South Africa, belonging to a Zimbabwean mother, and bringing him to Zimbabwe.