WATCH: Saint Floew and Micheal Magz's Laughter Expose Holy Ten's Reign[Image Credit: Facebook]

WATCH: Saint Floew and Micheal Magz’s Laughter Expose Holy Ten’s Reign

Watch Saint Floew and Micheal Magz’s laughter expose Holy Ten’s reign as the Samanyanga Records founder after publicly falling out with the artists.

Saint Flow’s Departure

Saint Floew

The feud began when Saint Floew engaged in a heated argument with Holy Ten. The disagreement escalated, resulting in Saint Floew’s decision to resign from the label. The departure sent shockwaves throughout the music industry.

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Micheal Magz Follows Suit

Micheal Magz

More recently, another artist from Samanyanga Records, Micheal Magz, has also decided to part ways with the label. The reason behind his resignation stems from a disagreement over payments. According to Magz, he was only receiving a meager monthly payment of US$65.

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Artists Unite in Laughter

In a video that has since gone viral, both Saint Floew and Micheal Magz can be seen laughing at Holy Ten. Saint Floew is heard mocking Holy Ten’s belief that their careers would crumble after leaving Samanyanga Records. It is a brazen and public display of their newfound independence.

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The departure of both Saint Floew and Micheal Magz has left a void in the Samanyanga Records roster. Their resignations highlight the challenges faced by artists within the music industry, particularly in terms of fair compensation and creative differences.

Holy Ten, on the other hand, has yet to respond publicly to the video or the artists’ departures. The fallout between these artists and the label serves as a reminder of the often tumultuous nature of the music business and the importance of open communication and fair treatment.