Chipinge Ex-Husband Attacked Ex-Wife for Declining Beer Offer[Image Credit: iStock]

Chipinge Ex-Husband Attacked Ex-Wife for Declining Beer Offer

Police have launched a manhunt for a 27-year-old Chipinge man, Collen Mutuwira (ex-husband) who gruesomely attacked his ex-wife, Elizabeth Musanwa after she declined drinking beer with him.

Tragic Incident Unfolds in Village T Musirizwi

The shocking incident occurred last week in Village T Musirizwi, situated in Chief Mapungwana’s area. The community was left in shock and horror as the violent altercation escalated to a brutal attack.

Beer Offer Turns into Fatal Confrontation

According to Assistant Inspector Chinyoka, Mutuwira had visited his ex-wife and spent the entire day with her. During their time together, Mutuwira promised to purchase groceries and clothes for their child.

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Upon their return to Mutuwira’s homestead, he offered his ex-wife a beer. However, when she declined the offer, a heated argument erupted between them.

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Gruesome Assault Unleashed

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka

As the altercation intensified, Mutuwira resorted to extreme violence. He struck Ms. Musanwa on the head with a machete. Despite her attempts to flee, she fell to the ground, defenseless.

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Mutuwira mercilessly attacked her three more times, inflicting severe injuries to her forehead, head, mouth, and left wrist. After the assault, Mutuwira fled the scene, leaving Ms. Musanwa in a critical condition.

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Public Urged to Assist in Apprehension

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka issued an appeal to the public, urging anyone with information regarding Mutuwira’s whereabouts to contact the nearest police station. The authorities emphasize their zero-tolerance policy towards acts of violence and advocate for peaceful resolution of disputes.