Detective Ndoro, Best Friend, Unmasked as Mastermind Behind Bulawayo Businessman's Home RobberyDetective Ndoro and Mvula

Detective Ndoro, Best Friend, Unmasked as Mastermind Behind Bulawayo Businessman’s Home Robbery

A Bulawayo businessman Never Sarukore reveals how shocked he was to discover that detective Ndoro, his best friend was the mastermind behind the robbery that took place at his home.

The shocking incident took place in the Nkulumane suburb, where Detective Constable Wellington Ndoro and his gang robbed a substantial amount of money and valuables.

A Startling Revelation

Detective Ndoro and Mvula

The distressing truth unfolded when Ndoro was arrested in Victoria Falls during the Festive Season on charges related to a series of armed robberies in and around Bulawayo.

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It was revealed that Ndoro had orchestrated the robbery at Sarukore’s home, providing information to his accomplices and even driving them to the scene.

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Unsuspecting Victim

Sarukore, who considered Ndoro his best friend, never suspected that he could be involved in such a heinous act. Even during questioning by the police’s homicide section, Sarukore did not consider Ndoro as a potential suspect.

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The Terrifying Ordeal

Recalling the harrowing event, Sarukore described how four armed robbers broke into his home while he and his family were asleep. The robbers, armed with a pistol, bolt-cutter, and tyre lever, forcefully entered Sarukore’s bedroom, demanding a substantial sum of money. Despite Sarukore’s insistence that he did not possess the amount they sought, the robbers proceeded to steal $5,300, R14,000, four cellphones, and a laptop. They even threatened the lives of Sarukore’s wife and forced him to hand over additional money from the house helper.

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Betrayal Unveiled

Detective Ndoro and Mvula

The following day, Sarukore coincidentally encountered Ndoro near Nkulumane Complex and shared the details of the robbery. Ndoro appeared shocked but hurriedly excused himself, claiming he had an urgent matter to attend to. Soon after, Sarukore received news of Ndoro’s arrest in Victoria Falls for attempted robbery, leading him to suspect his friend’s involvement in the crime.

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Confirmation of Suspicions & A Bond Broken

During the investigation, it emerged that Ndoro aided the arrested suspects, providing information and transportation. Sarukore and Ndoro shared an unbreakable friendship for four years, with their families having close ties. Sarukore even had the honor of being Ndoro’s best man at his wedding. Their bond encompassed religious activities, financial support, and family trips to resorts.