Six Baby Graves Found Empty, Sending Shockwaves Through Domboshava[Image Credit: iStock]

Six Baby Graves Found Empty, Sending Shockwaves Through Domboshava

Zimbiru village in Domboshava witnessed a perplexing discovery today as six empty graves designated for babies were found without bodies.

The Bereaved Speak Out

One grieving family, who had laid their precious baby to rest on July 19, expressed their anguish and confusion. They were devastated to find that their child’s final resting place was now empty, raising unsettling questions about what had transpired.

Family Driven Out, Leaving Three Disabled Brothers Homeless

In another story, three brothers living with a disability have been left homeless after their family was chased away from their rural home in Mwenezi. Allegedly, their presence was seen as a curse, bringing misfortune to their relatives.

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The Chibida family, comprising Munyaradzi (23), Maxwell (21), and Simbarashe (nine), were abruptly expelled from their homestead in Maranda under Chief Neshuro. Their relatives believed that their rare condition was the result of supernatural forces.

A Quest for Shelter

With nowhere to go, the family sought refuge in Rutenga, where they received temporary shelter from a compassionate Good Samaritan. They left behind their five-roomed house and four hectares of land, leaving behind the life they once knew.

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Munyaradzi, a talented musician who finds solace in playing the mbira, shared their harrowing experience. Their relatives suspected that their parents had used witchcraft on them, causing their disability. Despite their attempts to mediate the situation, the family’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

Mother’s Plea for Help

Judith Dube, the boys’ mother, made a heartfelt appeal for assistance in caring for her children. Struggling as a peasant farmer, she found it difficult to provide for her academically gifted son, Maxwell, and her son Simbarashe, who attends Jairos Jiri School. The family desperately needed support to ensure the boys’ well-being and education, reported hmetro.

A Ray of Hope

The Chibida family is currently under the care of the Mother Esther Trust, led by Mukai Chauruka, in Chitungwiza. The foundation aims to help the family return to Rutenga and is seeking assistance in providing their basic needs, including education and recording opportunities for Munyaradzi’s musical talent.