US Embassy Celebrates #PrideMonth Tweet in Zimbabwe, Sparks ControversyImage Credit-U.S. Embassy Zimbabwe

US Embassy Celebrates #PrideMonth Tweet in Zimbabwe, Sparks Controversy

The US Embassy in Zimbabwe’s tweet celebrating #PrideMonth has sparked controversy in the country. The tweet recognized those who advocate for equal rights for all LGBTQI+ people in Zimbabwe, stating that “the work to end violence, criminalization, and stigma against LGBTQI+ persons remain central to the U.S.’ commitment to human rights around the world.” However, some Zimbabweans have expressed their disagreement with the tweet, stating that LGBTQI+ goes against their principles, constitution, and culture.

Zimbabweans Express Disagreement

Many Zimbabweans took to Twitter to express their disagreement with the tweet. Some argued that homosexuality goes against nature and their African culture, while others accused the US of imposing its beliefs on Zimbabweans. Some even stated that they are in agreement with African dictators like the late Robert Mugabe, who banned gay rights in Zimbabwe, and Yoweri Museveni, the current president of Uganda, who recently passed a bill condemning gays in his country and those who support them.

One user, @sonofsadaar, tweeted, “We will never celebrate people that confuse nature. Even dogs know that they cannot mate male to male.” Many other users expressed similar sentiments, with some saying that they reject homosexuality and that it is not accepted in Zimbabwe.

US Embassy Stands by Tweet

Despite the backlash, the US Embassy in Zimbabwe has stood by its tweet  and its commitment to human rights. The embassy has not issued any further statements regarding the controversy.

US Embassy Tweet Controversy Continues

The controversy surrounding the US Embassy’s tweet is likely to continue, with many Zimbabweans expressing their disagreement.

@Xman_Reloaded7: Respect our African culture & values .We don’t do that here , we don’t contradict with nature even animals don’t do that.
@ElderMarcusCato: Apa ndipo patino pesanawo nemi apa
@WitnessZulu5: Mava kuti Jairira manje imi

@Massundah: We are not in it please count us out
@EMkandhla: On this one never
@RandyRod127: This is no go in Zim.
@Sparta2023: On this getaway do that in you country don’t even mention Zimbabwe
@michealtm2000: As Zimbabweans we reject this
@IsaacMagwenzi: Got a lot of Good ladies in Zimbabwe ,;most of them love a Good family life ,

@KaratizoR: We Demand that you respect our constitution!
@Kipnik3: This is one of the only issues that bring ZANU PF and opposition parties and the people of Zimbabwe (majority at least) together. You cannot force your unnatural sinful ideology to Africans. The abusive laws in your own countries are suppressing free speech for Christians.
@tawongaa1: No to homosexuality in Africa, museveni and mugabe are right on that