Shadaya and Mthuli Ncube's Advice on Nurse Aid and UK Migration Sparks Controversy!!Image credit-The World Economic Forum, iHarare News

Shadaya and Mthuli Ncube’s Advice on Nurse Aid and UK Migration Sparks Controversy!!

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed anti-feminist, has shocked fans with his decision to leave Zimbabwe and seek greener pastures in the UK. In a tweet, Shadaya announced that he has started a nurse aid course. This came as a surprise to many, as he had recently encouraged his followers to participate in the upcoming elections. He had expressed his intention to check his name on the voters’ roll.

New Direction for Shadaya

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed anti-feminist, has stated that he is willing to start over and do what it takes to secure his future. He stated, “A man should always be willing to start over. The goal is to win, it’s just 5 yrs & am eligible to do something else.” Shadaya obtained his first degree in 2013 and believes that this is the right move for him to secure a better future.

Inspiration from the Mthuli Ncube?

Many of Shadaya’s followers have speculated that his decision may be influenced by Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube. The minister recently promised locals in Cowdray Park constituency easy access to nurse aid training.

Hopewell Chin’ono Criticizes Mthuli Ncube’s Campaign Promising Prosperity Abroad

Ncube’s campaign has been criticized by a popular journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. Hopewell accused the finance minister of encouraging Zimbabweans to seek prosperity abroad. According to ZimEye, Chin’ono said,

“He is promising locals in his constituency of choice access to train as a nurse aid so that they can leave the country for England and be care assistants. In other words, Zimbabwe’s finance minister is telling the locals that their future is best secured in Britain, and not in Zimbabwe. Where in the world do you find a finance minister promising you prosperity and then saying that prosperity is in another country not under his watch?”