Unholy Act at Funeral: Bulawayo Woman Molested, Given US$1 to Stay Silent[Image Credit: Facebook]

Unholy Act at Funeral: Bulawayo Woman Molested, Given US$1 to Stay Silent

Last week, a woman from Bulawayo was molested during a funeral and offered US$1 to not report the incident to the police.

A Disturbing Encounter

Last Friday in the Old Magwegwe suburb, a woman, whose identity remains protected for legal reasons, experienced a series of traumatic events.

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Unwanted Advances and Broken Promises

During the funeral, Brighton Mpofu, a 33-year-old man, reportedly requested the woman to accompany him to retrieve his jacket from his house. Unaware of his intentions, she agreed. Allegedly, during their journey, he molested her and initially promised US$5 as compensation, only to give her a mere US$1 later in an attempt to dissuade her from reporting the incident to the police.

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A Nightmarish Repeat

The following day, it was reported that around 3 am, Mpofu went to the victim’s home, seeking a place to sleep. They ended up sharing a bedroom. Shockingly, the woman awoke to find herself allegedly being molested by Mpofu for a second time.

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A Cry for Help & Seeking Justice

Reacting swiftly, the woman pushed him away and sought assistance from her son-in-law, who was sleeping in a separate room. In a panicked escape, Mpofu hastily fled, leaving behind his jacket, shoes, and belt.

Determined to hold her assailant accountable, the woman promptly reported the incidents to the police, leading to Mpofu’s subsequent arrest.

Legal Proceedings Unfold

Appearing before Bulawayo regional magistrate Joseph Mabeza, Mpofu faced two charges of rape and pleaded not guilty. He was remanded in custody until February 27, with the recommendation to seek bail from the High Court.