Bulawayo Casanova Knocked Out Cold with Brick for Proposing Love to Married Women[Image Credit: Facebook]

Bulawayo Casanova Knocked Out Cold with Brick for Proposing Love to Married Women

A Bulawayo Casanova, accused of proposing love to married women, found himself unconscious and bloodied after allegedly being struck multiple times in the head with a brick.

Late-Night Encounter Takes a Dark Turn

Nkazimulo Ndlovu (28), from Nyamandlovu, had been enjoying himself at a party before deciding to spend the night at his friend’s home. However, upon knocking on the door, he was met with silence and darkness.

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Accusations and Altercation

Suddenly, a man named Godknows Ndlovu from a nearby homestead confronted Nkazimulo, accusing him of proposing love to married women in the village. Allegedly, he also accused Nkazimulo of being a thief, sparking a heated argument between the two.

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Brutal Assault

The argument escalated, and Godknows allegedly pushed Nkazimulo before striking him multiple times on the head with a brick. Nkazimulo suffered severe bleeding from his head and mouth, collapsing to the ground in pain.

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Recovery and Legal Action

Hours later, Nkazimulo regained consciousness and promptly reported the incident to the police. This led to the arrest of Godknows, who now faces an attempted murder charge. He appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Collet Ncube and pleaded not guilty, with his custody extended until March 5.

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Defensive Claims

In his defense, Godknows claimed that he suspected Nkazimulo of being a thief. He stated that upon hearing a knock on the door where his tools were kept, he confronted Nkazimulo, who failed to provide a satisfactory explanation. Godknows admitted to pushing Nkazimulo and engaging in a physical altercation that culminated in Nkazimulo fleeing to Godknows’ employer’s homestead.