Man Arrested for Killing His Own Brother in Fiery Okra-Dried Meat Supper Relish Dispute[Image Credit: Facebook]

Man Arrested for Killing His Own Brother in Fiery Okra-Dried Meat Supper Relish Dispute

A man who allegedly killed his own brother during the okra-dried meat dispute has been arrested. The heated dispute was over the choice of relish for supper.

The Deadly Disagreement & A Gruesome Act

The incident unfolded when Nkululeko Mabhena and his brother clashed over whether to prepare dried meat or okra as the main relish for supper. The disagreement quickly escalated, culminating in a tragic outcome.

Investigations revealed that Nkululeko, in a fit of rage, resorted to violence. He allegedly tied a rope around his brother’s neck, loaded the lifeless body onto a wheelbarrow, and heartlessly discarded it on the roadside.

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Denial, Remand, Bail & A Disputed Plea

During Nkululeko’s three-and-a-half-year stay in remand prison, he vehemently denied committing murder. However, he eventually entered a limited plea of culpable homicide. Despite being granted bail of US$100, he failed to raise the funds, prolonging his time behind bars.

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The State refused to accept Nkululeko’s plea for a lesser charge, contesting that the gravity of the crime warranted a murder charge rather than culpable homicide.

The Fatal Stabbing & Self-Defense Claim

According to court proceedings, Nkululeko and his brother resided together. In the midst of the argument, Nkululeko grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed his sibling in the chest, inflicting injuries that punctured the left lung and liver.

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Nkululeko claimed self-defense, asserting that he had acted to protect himself from his brother’s aggression, as his sibling had allegedly threatened him with an axe handle.

A Harsh Verdict

High Court judge, Justice Evangelista Kabasa, delivered a verdict that questioned Nkululeko’s self-defense claim. The judge concluded that the force used, resulting in a knife penetrating the deceased’s chest, went beyond the bounds of self-defense.