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Two Bogus CID Officers in Court for Shameless Impersonation and Fraud

Two bogus police officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) appeared in court, facing charges of impersonating police officers to carry out fraudulent activities.

Innocent Chimutsi (44) and Tawanda Marabada, (36), stood before Harare magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi yesterday, where they faced two counts of impersonation.

The Alleged Scheme

According to the State’s case, in January 2024, Mr Andsen Patson came across an advertisement on Facebook in which Chimutsi and Marabada claimed to offer assistance in obtaining Certificates of Sponsorship (COS) for individuals seeking employment in the United Kingdom. Mr Patson, who desired a COS for his wife’s overseas travel, responded to the advert.

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The Financial Transaction

Allegedly, the duo charged Mr Patson a total of 5,500 British pounds, with a deposit of 4,000 pounds being made through Mr Patson’s UK-based uncle. The agreement stipulated that the remaining balance would be settled upon receipt of the COS. Subsequently, Mr Patson received an offer letter and a COS via the WhatsApp account number +447400352877.

The Discovery of Deception

During the British visa application process, Mr Patson discovered that the COS provided to him was fraudulent. Despite attempting to contact Chimutsi and Marabada, he was unable to establish communication. Surprisingly, Mr Patson did not file a police report immediately after realizing he had fallen victim to a scam.

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The Continued Deception

On February 20, Chimutsi reached out to Mr Patson once again, this time claiming to be a police detective, using the same Facebook account. He allegedly misrepresented himself as an investigator working on the case. However, Mr Patson’s suspicion was aroused, considering he had not reported the matter to the police.

The Arrest

Seeking guidance, Mr Patson approached officers at Harare Central Police Station, who advised him to contact Chimutsi in their presence. Chimutsi then demanded US$100 for fuel expenses to retrieve the money, along with an additional 500 pounds upon successful recovery. A trap was set, leading to Chimutsi’s arrest in the city center, accompanied by Marabada, who was also posing as a police detective.

Legal Proceedings and Bail

Both Chimutsi and Marabada were remanded out of custody until April 4, each granted bail in the amount of US$100.