Highway Robbery: Robbers Trap Truck Driver in Sleeping Bag and Escape with Tires and Diesel[Image Credit: Britanica]

Highway Robbery: Robbers Trap Truck Driver in Sleeping Bag and Escape with Tires and Diesel

A truck driver who works for Dxyle Global Logistics Company fell victim to a gang of three robbers who confined him in a sleeping bag before stealing the truck’s tires and 250 liters of diesel.

The Ambush

Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson confirmed the case. He stated Mr Earnest Chenjerai Kuipa (43), was attacked during an unfortunate moment while changing a burst tyre on his vehicle.

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The Plight of the Truck Driver

The gang swiftly overpowered Mr Kuipa, binding his hands and legs with shoelaces before confining him inside a sleeping bag. Helpless and trapped, he was carried approximately 10 meters away from the road, abandoned by the heartless robbers.

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The Heist


While one robber guarded the immobilized driver, the other two targeted the truck, making off with a staggering total of 24 tyres. Loading their loot into their own vehicle, they added insult to injury by siphoning 250 litres of diesel from the haulage truck.

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A Timely Intervention & The Samaritan’s Assistance

After the robbers departed, the truck driver managed to free himself from the confines of the sleeping bag, rolling onto the road in search of assistance. Fortunately, a passing motorist spotted his distress and came to his aid.

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The kind-hearted motorist untied Mr Kuipa and immediately accompanied him to Odzi Police Station, where they filed a detailed report of the incident.

The Search for Justice

At present, the robbers remain unidentified, and no items have been recovered. The police are actively investigating the case, determined to bring the perpetrators to justice and recover the stolen goods.