Netizens Go Wild: MDC T Custodian Mwonzora Roasted for Neglecting His Own 9-Year-Old Child[Image Credit: Facebook]

Netizens Go Wild: MDC T Custodian Mwonzora Roasted for Neglecting His Own 9-Year-Old Child

The custodian of Morgan R Tsvangirai’s party, MDC-T, President Douglas Mwonzora, was roasted by Netizens in response to reports of alleged neglect towards his nine-year-old son.

The claims were made by his ex-lover Gertrude Chuma, who is demanding a maintenance fee of US$1,500 per month for their child’s well-being.

Neglect Allegations Unveiled

During a court hearing before Harare magistrate Meenal Narotam, Gertrude Chuma shed light on the matter. She stated that Mwonzora, with his political stature and additional sources of income, including a farm in Nyanga and his role as a director at a law firm, had the means to provide the requested maintenance.

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Private School Enrollment and Communication Blockade

Chuma further alleged that Mwonzora insisted on enrolling their child in a private school, despite struggling to fulfill the payment of school fees in full. Additionally, she claimed that Mwonzora had blocked her from contacting him.

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Court Ruling

In Mwonzora’s absence, the court granted Chuma’s application, ordering the MDC-T president to pay a monthly maintenance fee of US$500. Furthermore, he was instructed to cover his son’s school fees entirely.

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Netizens Express Disappointment

The news of Mwonzora’s alleged neglect has sparked a wave of disappointment and criticism among netizens, who question his leadership qualities and suitability for the presidency.

Junior Pindayi:

If he fails to take care of his own Child , what about all Zimbabwean children. What about children of his own brother. What more about orphans who need father if he to become president. He better contest in his family first

Isa Jusa:

Unfit for presidency

Phebeon Parafini:

If he can’t take care of his children, wat more the nation

Farai Makamure:

He must pay, his law firm used to do dubious cases

Tigere Zindoga

If he failed kamwana kake what about Zimbabwe


She should have claimed $10k per month ra ra ra ra raaaa can afford Zanu can assist him