Thieves Turn on Each Other, Leaving One Dead in Grisly Altercation

A night of revelry at a Revellers nightclub took a grisly turn when two thieves turned against each other leaving one dead over how to divide the spoils of their criminal activities.

Brutally Murdered of Thief

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, confirmed the incident. He revealed that McDonald Muparutsa (31) of New Chisamba, Sakubva, had been viciously killed by his accomplice, Lovemore Biggie Nyanzou (26) from Muchena section of the same suburb. The motive behind the murder was a disagreement over sharing the stolen loot.

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Nightclub Altercation Turns Fatal

The fatal incident unfolded in Chikanga, TM area, Mutare. Muparutsa and Nyanzou were drinking together when Nyanzou witnessed Muparutsa snatching a cellphone from a patron. Outside the nightclub, Nyanzou confronted Muparutsa, demanding a portion of the stolen goods. However, Muparutsa refused to share, leading to a violent confrontation.

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Shocking Revelation from the Deceased’s Socks

As the aftermath of the murder unfolded, a surprising twist emerged. Several individuals who had lost their cellphones on that night took turns dialing their numbers, only to hear the devices ringing from inside Muparutsa’s socks.

Eyewitness Mr. Lawrence Zvamunongoda recounted the shocking revelation, stating, “It was shocking to see cellphones being retrieved from the deceased person’s socks. Those who had lost their phones during that night dialed their numbers using other people’s phones. They heard the phones ringing from Muparutsa’s socks. I noticed five cellphones being recovered from the socks.”

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Following Muparutsa’s murder, police quickly responded while nearby club patrons rushed to witness the horrific scene. Recent reports suggest a worrying increase in fatalities stemming from alcohol-induced violence, as highlighted by a recent case covered in the Herald.