Gang of Four Strikes Bulawayo Businesswoman, Stealing Over US$8K and Valuables[Image Credit: iStock]

Gang of Four Strikes Bulawayo Businesswoman, Stealing Over US$8K

Bulawayo businesswoman experienced a harrowing ordeal when a gang of four raided her house, stealing over US$8K valuable items.

Details of the Robbery

In the early hours of November 29th, Sharon Dube, who was asleep in her bedroom, was abruptly awakened by the presence of intruders wearing balaclavas and armed with a silver and black pistol. The assailants, armed and dangerous, instilled fear by pointing the weapon at her.

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Demands Escalate, Daughter’s Safety Threatened

The situation quickly escalated as the criminals threatened to harm Dube’s 20-year-old daughter, Nomvelo Sibanda, who was sleeping in a separate room. Under immense pressure, Dube reluctantly handed over US$800 in cash from her wallet. However, the demands of the assailants did not cease. They continued to threaten sexual assault on her daughter if their demands were not met.

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Businesswoman’s Desperate Decision to Prevent Heinous Act

Facing an unimaginable choice, Dube made a difficult decision to protect her daughter’s safety. She handed over an additional US$2,400 from her wardrobe, hoping to dissuade the perpetrators from carrying out their intended heinous act.

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Escape and Stolen Items

After ransacking the house, the assailants fled the scene, taking with them stolen items worth approximately US$5,680. The stolen items included cash amounting to US$3,200, two Huawei Prime cellphones, two Samsung tablets, one Lenovo laptop, one Samsung laptop, and one TB laptop.

Police Confirmation and Public Safety

The incident was reported at the Cowdray Park Police Base, and Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the details of the robbery. Msebele urged the public to enhance home security by reinforcing doors and windows with burglar bars.


Experts attribute the rising cases of robberies to increased poverty, with heinous acts becoming more prevalent. The Herald recently covered another robbery incident in Southerton, Harare.