Bulawayo Man Faces Court For Head-butting Maid[Image Credit: Authentic Stock]

Bulawayo Man Faces Court For Head-butting Maid

Heath Bract Maclaude, a 49-year-old man from Bulawayo appeared in court for allegedly head-butting and slapping his maid for engaging in prostitution.

The Incident

According to state allegations, the incident took place on the afternoon of November 26, 2023, around 3 pm. Maclaude, who was reportedly intoxicated, returned home and began shouting at his 21-year-old maid, Mavis Nyoni, accusing her of being involved in prostitution. He demanded that she pack her belongings and leave the premises. In response, Nyoni remained silent, refusing to dignify the accusations with a response.

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Escalation of Violence

Maclaude’s anger intensified as Mavis continued to remain silent. In a fit of rage, he head-butted her on the forehead and followed it up with a forceful slap to her head. Although Nyoni did not sustain any visible injuries, she promptly reported the incident to the police, which led to Maclaude’s subsequent arrest.

Legal Proceedings

During his appearance in court, Maclaude pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault. The magistrate granted him bail in the amount of US$30, and he was remanded out of custody until December 12, pending further legal proceedings.

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Snooker Tournament Turns Violent, Man Loses Part of His Ear

In another shocking incident, a dispute over a snooker tournament in Bulawayo took a violent turn, leaving a man with a part of his ear bitten off. Richard Moyo, the accused, appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Maxwell Ncube on a charge of physical abuse.

The Altercation

At Masanga Shopping Centre, Moyo approached Johane Mlauzi, who was playing snooker, requesting a loan of US$2 for a tournament. When Mlauzi informed him that he had no money to spare, Moyo became enraged.

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Enraged by Mlauzi’s response, Moyo began hurling insults at him. In a shocking act of aggression, Moyo bit the victim’s right ear, causing a piece of it to detach.

Legal Proceedings and Medical Examination

The matter was promptly reported to the police, leading to Moyo’s arrest. He pleaded not guilty to the charge of physical abuse and was granted bail in the amount of US$30. Mlauzi was taken to the hospital for medical examination, and a detailed medical report will be presented in court as evidence.