Thief Caught Red Handed After Falling Asleep At Juju Protected House<a href="">Image by</a> on Freepik

Burglar caught sleeping after breaking into juju-protected home

In a dramatic turn of events, a burglar was caught sleeping at the crime scene after stealing property believed to have been protected by juju. The incident took place at Chokureva Village in Mashonaland Central province.

Thief falls asleep with stolen loot Romeo Dzawanda, aged 31, was caught sleeping surrounded by his stolen goods, which included a 5kg gas tank, two blankets and a two-plate gas stove. Before he fell asleep, Dzawanda had broken into Taurai Musenga’s house by cutting the bedroom door with an unknown object and gained entry while the complainant was away.


Thief Caught Red Handed After Falling Asleep At Juju Protected House
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Arrest and sentencing

Dzawanda was apprehended by members of the community who found him sleeping at the scene with the stolen goods. He was taken to Chombira Police Station and charged with unlawful entry into premises in aggravating circumstances. Dzawanda pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 36 months imprisonment, with an effective 24 months in jail after 12 months were suspended for a period of five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence.

Thief’s plea for mercy In mitigation, Dzawanda pleaded for the court’s mercy, claiming that he had gone to see his girlfriend, who had taken his money and was staying at the complainant’s place when he committed the offence. However, the prosecution argued that Dzawanda had a previous conviction of a similar offence.

Community catches thief

The community who caught Dzawanda sleeping at the scene of the crime were praised for their swift action. A spokesperson for the local police department said, “We commend the community for taking the initiative to arrest the accused before the police arrived at the scene. We urge members of the public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to the police.”

Protecting homes with juju Juju, a traditional African belief in the power of magic, is often used to protect homes and property from thieves. However, the use of juju is not always effective, and thieves often find ways to bypass the spells.