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Bulawayo Wife Steals $20 000 from Husband, Flees to UK After Abandoning Children


In a shocking tale of deceit and betrayal, a Bulawayo man has been left heartbroken after his wife allegedly stole US$20 000 that was meant to buy a family house and fled to the United Kingdom (UK), leaving their teenage sons in the care of a friend.

Bowen Chikomba had been customarily married to Pertunia Khanye, and the couple had two teenage sons. However, their marriage had hit turbulent times in recent years, and Chikomba had moved out of their home to seek counselling. When he returned to the house, he discovered that the savings meant for a family home had vanished.

B-Metro reports that according to Chikomba, his wife claimed that she only had R10,000 and wanted to use it to buy a fridge from South Africa. This revelation led to another round of marital problems, and Khanye moved out of the house with the children to her family home in Pumula. It was only months later that Chikomba learned that his wife had fled to the UK, leaving the children in the care of a friend.

Wife Steals US$20 000 From Husband & Flees To UK After Dumping Kids At Friend's House
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Chikomba has now filed a police report under case number CR71/01/23 on a charge of theft, and he has also slapped Khanye with a US$20,000 lawsuit. His lawyers, Malinga and Mpofu Legal Practitioners have written to Khanye demanding payment of the alleged stolen money.

“We are lawyers representing the aforementioned Bowen Chikomba and we are advised that you were once customarily married to our client from whom you admitted stealing a sum of US$20,000 before moving back to your family. You then undertook to repay the said money but have since become evasive. In view of your conduct, we have advised our client to lay formal criminal charges against you through the police.

“On the other hand, we are instructed to demand, as we hereby do that, you pay a sum of US$20,000 directly to our offices within five (5) days of receiving this letter together with 10 percent thereof as collection commission. Should you fail to pay as above, we shall approach the courts to recover the money together with costs of a suit on a punitive scale,” wrote the lawyers.

When contacted for comment via WhatsApp, Khanye replied curtly: “I don’t respond to such nonsense.”

This sad tale is a reminder that even in marriage, there can be moments of betrayal and mistrust. The consequences can be devastating, leaving a family torn apart and a once-loving relationship in shambles. Chikomba’s lawyers are hoping that Khanye will repay the stolen money and make amends, but it remains to be seen how this case will ultimately be resolved.