Holy Ten Strikes Back Removes Micheal Magz's Name from Bhundu Boys Album Title[Image Credit: Facebook]

Holy Ten Strikes Back Removes Micheal Magz’s Name from Bhundu Boys Album Title

Retaliating to Micheal Magz’s interview with Ollah 7 podcast, Holy Ten strikes back by removing Micheal Magz’s name from the album title along with other artists who featured on the Bhundu Boys album, except of his wife Kimberly.

The Journey From Collaboration to Fallout

Micheal Magz and Ollah 7

During the interview, Micheal disclosed that it was Holy Ten who initially approached him, seeking to sign him for a three-month contract with Samanyanga Records. Magz explained that he had initially reached out to Holy Ten in early 2020, while he was in Cyprus, hoping to collaborate on a song. However, due to a breakdown in communication, the collaboration never materialized.

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Partnership and Conflicts

Micheal Magz and Holy Ten During The Bhundu Boys Album Launch

Micheal further revealed that in November, Holy Ten sent him a contract proposal, which he accepted primarily driven by the financial aspect. During the three-month partnership, Magz received a monthly payment of approximately US$60. However, their relationship faced its first falling out later that month, although they eventually reconciled.

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Holy Ten’s Controversial Nature

Winky D and Holy Ten

Magz described Holy Ten as a controversial person who thrives on stirring up controversy. He highlighted Holy Ten’s tendency to make provocative statements and post contentious content on the internet.

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Bitterness and the Diss Track

Expressing his current bitterness towards Holy Ten, Magz responded to the release of Holy Ten’s diss track titled “We Don’t Do That” by releasing his own verse as part of the Gore Remix. Additionally, he has unfollowed and blocked Holy Ten’s social media pages, effectively severing ties with him and his associates.