Southerton Man Rescued 4-year-old Son from Ex-Wife's Manjuzu Occult Influence[Image Credit: Facebook]

Southerton Man Rescued 4-year-old Son from Ex-Wife’s Manjuzu Occult Influence

A bitter custody dispute unfolded between a Southerton man, Josphat Muswati rescued his 4-year-old son from ex-wife’s manjuzu occult influence. Josphat alleged Anna Chinake forcibly took their son to manjuzu without consulting him.

Claims of Inadequate Parenting

Josphat contends that Anna lacks the necessary qualities to raise their son according to his desired values and beliefs.

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Alleged Involvement with Manjuzu

Anna Chinake

The Southerton man further accused Anna of taking their child’s birth certificate to unknown individuals involved in manjuzu, a practice associated with marine spirits. He claims she did so last year and has been unable to retrieve the document since then.

Failed Attempt to Retrieve the Child & Protective Measures

On Friday, accompanied by her mother, Fiona Madheira, and a friend, Anna attempted to collect their son from Southerton, but Josphat thwarted their efforts.

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Josphat Muswati took the child to live with one of his relatives, expressing concern about his son’s well-being and the potential influence of the alleged occult practices.

Custodial Arrangement

Fiona, Anna’s mother, confirmed the ongoing dispute between Josphat and Anna. She stated that the child had been residing with a stepmother since January due to a misunderstanding. Fiona visited the child’s new stepmother and reported that he appeared to be well taken care of in his current living situation. However, Anna expressed her intention to have the child returned to her custody.

Denial of Involvement with Marine Spirits

Anna refuted Josphat’s allegations of her involvement with manjuzu, emphasizing that he had no evidence to support his claims.

“I will make sure I get my son, if it means engaging police, I will do so,” stated Anna. “As for manjuzu, Josphat has no evidence to prove that I am into manjuzu. He never saw me conducting manjuzu from the time we separated.”


The custody battle between Josphat and Anna serves as a poignant reminder that couples should seek peaceful resolutions to their disputes, as highlighted by a recent tragic incident reported by Zimmorningpost.