Bulawayo Cop Brutally Beaten by Vengeful Wife[Image Credit: PInterest]

Bulawayo Cop Brutally Beaten by Vengeful Wife

Drama unfolded at the Bulawayo Central Police Station when Constable(Cop) Reason Mabhena sought refuge after allegedly being beaten by his wife, Auxillia Mutikinyi. The assault reportedly stemmed from a financial dispute.

Financial Dispute Turns Violent

On Monday, as Constable Mabhena prepared to leave for work, his wife confronted him, demanding money for rent. When Mabhena explained that he had no funds, the situation quickly escalated to a physical fight.

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Physical Altercation

[Image Credit: PInterest]
According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident, Mutikinyi became enraged and grabbed Mabhena by the neck. Mutikinyi accused her husband of neglecting his financial responsibilities. In a fit of anger, she repeatedly struck him on the head with a pot, causing him to bleed profusely.

“She asked for money to pay rent but Mabhena told her that he did not have any money. That did not go down well with Mutikinyi who grabbed him by his neck while accusing him of failing to fulfill his financial obligations. He bled profusely from the head as a result of the attack. In a fit of anger, she grabbed him by the collar, tearing his uniform shirt in the process,” stated the neighbor. 

Escape to Safety

In an attempt to escape the violent assault, Mabhena managed to break free and fled to the Bulawayo Central Police Station, where he sought refuge and reported the incident to his colleagues. Concerned for his well-being, he was then referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for a medical examination.

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Mutikinyi Unreachable

Efforts to obtain a comment from Auxillia Mutikinyi regarding the incident were unsuccessful, as her mobile phone number was unreachable at the time.


The incident highlights concerns about domestic violence and the need for victim protection. Recent reports show an alarming increase in cases where couples resort to violence after misunderstandings, such as the tragic Chinhoyi man who killed his wife, as reported by H-Metro.