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Marondera Man Who Murdered Lover and Fled Arrested

A breakthrough has been made as police have arrested a suspected Marondera man who murdered his lover and fled. Echfel Musaida Gora aged 26 is alleged to have stabbed his 29-year-old lover  Sharon Mashowo to death.

Suspect Arrested in Mutare

Gora who was allegedly in a relationship with the late Mashowo, was arrested in Mutare yesterday. It is reported that Gora attempted suicide by consuming an unknown poisonous substance but was swiftly taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

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Confirmation by Police Spokesperson

Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi, the police spokesperson for Mashonaland East province, confirmed the latest developments in the case.

“As we speak, he is admitted in hospital and also on police guard. His condition is reported to be stable,” stated Inspector Chazovachiyi.

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Arrest and Hospitalization

After being informed of Gora’s suicide attempt, the police identified him and made the arrest. Presently, he remains hospitalized under police guard, with his condition reported as stable.

“It is reported that Gora attempted to commit suicide by drinking an unknown poisonous substance in Odzi, Manicaland Province. He was however, rushed to hospital. Police were informed and they identified him, leading to his arrest,” stated Inspector Chazovachiyi.

Details of the Alleged Crime

According to allegations, Gora and Mashowo had a dispute last Thursday, which escalated to Gora allegedly stabbing her at the back of her head using an Okapi knife.

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Locking the Victim and Fleeing

Following the stabbing, Gora purportedly confined Mashowo to his room before leaving the scene. Regrettably, Mashowo succumbed to her injuries and bled to death.


In the pursuit of justice for Sharon, authorities will diligently navigate the legal process to provide closure for her loved ones. Recent reports, like the one from Zimmorningpost, highlight a concerning increase in cases where individuals resort to violence, such as a man murdering his wife due to suspicion of infidelity. It is crucial for couples to prioritize peaceful resolution of differences, avoiding any form of violence.