Sir Wicknell Chivayo Investigated By ZACC for Shady Vehicle Acquisitions[Image Credit: Facebook]

Sir Wicknell Chivayo Under Investigation By ZACC for Shady Vehicle Acquisitions

Sir Wicknell Chivayo, an alleged Intratrek director, is currently under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for his recent vehicle acquisitions.

The investigation has ignited a fiery response from Chivayo, who has been vocal on social media about his acquisitions.

Controversial Vehicle Purchases

Chivayo has been sharing pictures on social media showcasing vehicles he claims to have bought for his church mates, as well as for artists and himself. Notably, he expressed gratitude to DJ Fantan and Sandra Ndebele for their support of the Zanu PF party. However, Chivayo has vehemently criticized ZACC for scrutinizing the source of his income related to these purchases.

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Solar Project Tender and Lawsuit

The controversy surrounding Chivayo stems from allegations that he was awarded a US$5 million tender to execute a solar project in Gwanda. However, he purportedly failed to fulfill the project requirements. In response, the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) sued Intratrek, Chivayo’s company, for not delivering the necessary solar system. Intratrek countersued and was awarded US$22,000,000 in the subsequent court case.

ZACC Investigation and Chivayo’s Response

ZACC has announced its decision to investigate Chivayo’s conduct in light of these allegations. Wicknell, on the other hand, has dismissed the investigation as the work of overzealous police officers targeting him. He maintains that the money he uses to purchase vehicles does not come from the ZPC compensation. Wicknell suggests that those interested should simply inquire about the source of his funds.

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Gratitude to God and Claims of Prosperity

Wicknell asserts that his vehicle purchases are an expression of gratitude to God for blessing him. He confidently states that his wealth far exceeds the reported 33 million dollars, emphasizing that it does not originate from ZESA/ZPC. Sir believes that his success is a result of divine intervention.