From Brotherly Bond to Betrayal: Bulawayo Man Impregnates Brother's Wife[Image Credit: b-Metro]

From Brotherly Bond to Betrayal: Bulawayo Man Impregnated Brother’s Wife

Shelton Khumalo, a man from Bulawayo, impregnated his own brother’s wife after being offered accommodation at Patson Ncube’s home in Selborne Park while he was based in South Africa.

A Betrayal Unveiled

According to Ncube, upon his return, he discovered that his wife was pregnant. After confronting her, she confessed that Khumalo was the father of the unborn child. The revelation left Ncube furious and seeking answers.

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Confrontation Turns Violent

When Ncube confronted Khumalo about the affair, tensions escalated rapidly. Khumalo lashed out, subjecting Ncube to a brutal physical assault accompanied by a barrage of insults. The situation took a darker turn as Khumalo accused Ncube of infecting him with an undisclosed disease, intensifying the animosity between the brothers.

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Fear and Legal Action

Terrified for his safety, Ncube decided to take legal action. He applied for a protection order at the Bulawayo magistrates’ courts, detailing the physical and emotional abuse he endured at the hands of Khumalo. Ncube expressed his fear for his life, citing Khumalo’s chilling threat to kill him with an axe.

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Denials and Counterclaims

During the court hearing presided over by Magistrate Amanda Ndlovu, Khumalo vehemently denied the allegations leveled against him. He claimed that Ncube’s wife willingly entered his room and slept in his bed, leading to his own illness, which he attributed to an undisclosed disease.

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Protection Order Granted

Considering the gravity of the situation, the magistrate granted Ncube the requested protection order. Khumalo was legally prohibited from physically assaulting, verbally abusing, or issuing death threats against Ncube. The order aimed to ensure Ncube’s safety and provide him with some peace of mind.