Former ZIFA President Kamambo Claims Bribery Charges Driven by Feud with Chiyangwa[Image Credit: Facebook]

Former ZIFA President Kamambo Claims Bribery Charges Driven by Feud with Chiyangwa

Former ZIFA president, Felton Kamambo, has asserted that allegations of bribery leveled against him are a result of a longstanding feud with his predecessor, Phillip Chiyangwa.

Accusations of Interference

Kamambo, who is currently facing multiple bribery charges, appeared before magistrate Bianca Makwande. He stated that Chiyangwa had interfered with the ZIFA electoral process in an effort to ensure his defeat.

Eleventh-Hour Eligibility

Due to Chiyangwa’s alleged meddling, Kamambo claimed that he was informed of his eligibility to participate in the elections only 13 days before the December 18, 2018, vote.

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Denial of Election Rigging

Kamambo vehemently denied accusations that he rigged the election through voter bribery. He alleged that individuals who were supposed to support his candidacy were instructed not to sign for him. Those who did sign were reportedly subjected to intimidation tactics.

Campaigning Challenges

With limited time for campaigning, Kamambo disclosed that he had written to FIFA, the electoral committee, and ZIFA, informing them of his intention to gather people in various regions to campaign. FIFA acknowledged receipt of his letter, while ZIFA and the electoral committee stamped it.

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Reimbursements for Meetings

Kamambo clarified that the payments in question were reimbursements for attendees of his campaign meetings, covering expenses such as food, accommodation, and transportation. The amounts were determined by the delegates and communicated through coordinators.

Election Outcome

Contrary to allegations of election rigging, Kamambo asserted that he actually lost the election by failing to secure the minimum number of votes. However, he was elected unopposed as Chiyangwa withdrew from the race after the first round.

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Legal Arguments & Continuation of the Trial

Kamambo’s lawyer submitted the ZIFA constitution and code of ethics. The constitution emphasizes that football-related matters should not be tried in criminal courts.

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The trial is set to resume today as the court delves further into the bribery allegations against Kamambo.