Govt's Mega Move Against Bona Mugabe - Title Deeds For 214 000 Sq Metres of Stands Cancelled in Carrick Creagh!Bona Mugabe and Simba Chikore Batlle For Assets Turns Sour [Image: Herald/Zimpapers Digital]

Simba Chikore Traumatised Bona Mugabe To An Extent That She Can’t Wait To Get It Over And Done With: Source Says

Bona Mugabe, daughter of the late former President Robert Mugabe,  filed for swift divorce proceedings against her husband, Simba Chikore, because she cannot wait to be free, sources have revealed.

Their divorce comes nine years after being married and amidst rumours of extramarital affairs.

In an elegant display of poise and dignity, Bona filed papers at the High Court on Monday citing an irretrievable breakdown in their union with no chance of reconciliation or restoration. This move was initiated by Bona, who had grown tired of her husband’s shenanigans and extramarital affairs.

Simba Chikore Traumatised Bona
Simba Chikore Traumatised Bona Mugabe To An Extent That She Can’t Wait To Get It Over And Done With: Source Says [Image: Herald/Zimpapers Digital]

According to a reliable source, Bona was so determined to end her marriage with Simba that she chose to forego the equitable division of assets to expedite the divorce process and prevent any unnecessary delays. In addition, Bona chose not to claim any financial support for herself, a testament to her strength and independence.

However, Bona did request monthly maintenance payments of US$2,700 for each of their three children, totalling US$8,100 per month. In her legal summons, Bona has requested that all issues that may impede the divorce proceedings be set aside until a later time, including matters pertaining to property division and maintenance.

Bona argues that it is just and equitable that proprietary issues be dealt with post-divorce to avoid any delays in granting the divorce decree. She asserts that the parties are still engaging each other regarding their proprietary interests and rights and that a decree of divorce may be granted pending the finalization of negotiations.

She has since been hailed for remaining a symbol of strength and grace, navigating this difficult time with dignity and poise.

By Mandisa