Bulawayo 61-Year-Old Granny Caught Stealing Underwear[Image Credit: Bmetro]

Bulawayo 61-Year-Old Granny Caught Stealing Underwear

A 61-year-old granny, Christine Ncube, from Bulawayo was caught stealing women’s underwear and concealing them between her thighs.

Uncovering the Unusual Behavior

The unusual event unfolded at a shop located at the corner of Jason Moyo Street and Sixth Avenue. A security guard noticed Ncube walking strangely as she approached the exit. Her nervous demeanor and constant surveillance of her surroundings raised suspicions.

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The observant security guard promptly alerted a female security officer, sensing that something was awry.

“Her actions were suspicious from the minute she walked into the shop .I noticed from the way this woman was walking that something was wrong,” stated security. “The way she was nervous too, also she spent a lot of time in the shop and was looking around all the time to see if people were watching.”

The Unveiling

As Ncube neared the exit, the stolen panties concealed within a 2 kg empty plastic sugar paper accidentally slipped from between her legs, exposing her illicit activities before the search could even commence.

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A Startling Revelation

To everyone’s surprise, Ncube was not alone in her misdeeds. Her own granddaughter was found in possession of a plastic bag filled with stolen panties.

A shopkeeper, who also requested anonymity, expressed their shock, stating, “We were more shocked to find out that this lady was not alone in all this, she was with her granddaughter who had also stolen from us.”

The Scale of the Theft

In total, the stolen panties amounted to 16, with each plastic bag containing eight undergarments. The motive behind their actions remains unclear, as Ncube failed to provide a satisfactory explanation when questioned by the shopkeepers.

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Legal Consequences

The shopkeepers wasted no time in involving the authorities, promptly escorting Ncube and her granddaughter to the Bulawayo Central Police Station.


In Zimbabwe, the number of elderly individuals caught breaking the law is increasing. Recently, Chronicle reported a case of a 70-year-old granny selling dagga. These elders turning to crime can be attributed to the widespread hardships endured by the population.