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Families of Teenage Girls Who Fatally Stabbed Rival Pay Compensation

The families of two teenage girls who made headlines in 2021 after fatally stabbing a rival have paid 14 cattle and six goats to the aggrieved family as compensation. The incident occurred following a misunderstanding over a boyfriend and shocked the Nkayi community and general public.

According to a statement of agreed facts between the State led by Mrs. Martha Cheda and defense counsel led by Miss W. Makorokoto of Mashindi and Associates, on October 28th, 2021, three girls were at school when the now deceased Nobukhosi Moyo approached the 16-year-old teen and accused her of spreading rumors about her. Later that day, the two had a disagreement over a boyfriend who was a gold panner.

During the altercation, the girl who was accused number one indicated that she wanted to assault the now deceased before her ally handed her a kitchen knife. The fight ensued, and the girl who was accused number one drew the knife and stabbed the now deceased once on the nose and palm. The now deceased then ran away, but her assailant pursued her. The now deceased threw a stone but missed, and her assailant dispossessed her of the stick before stabbing her once on the left shoulder and left breast with the knife, leaving it stuck on her. The now deceased ran for about 100 meters before collapsing and dying on the spot.

Compensation and Sentencing

Following the death of Nobukhosi Moyo, her family demanded 15 cattle from the families of the two assailants, the one who supplied the knife, and the one who delivered the fatal blow as compensation or appeasement. The family received 14 cattle and six goats, one less beast than what they demanded. This was heard during the sentencing of the two girls aged 15 and 16 at the time of committing the offense when the High Court sat in circuit in Hwange last week.

The Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Maxwell Takuva, found the two teens not guilty of murder but guilty of culpable homicide. He sentenced them to three years in prison before suspending one year on the condition of good behavior. The remaining two years were further suspended on the condition they perform 860 hours of community service.



The families of the teenage girls who fatally stabbed their rival have paid compensation to the victim’s family, and the assailants have been sentenced to a total of three years in prison, with two years suspended on the condition of community service. While the incident shocked the community and the public, justice has been served, and the families have reached a settlement.