Shocking Details Revealed On Slay Queen Who Died After Surrendering Child To SangomaThe late Rudo Nyoka, popularly known as Yvette. [Image Credit: H-Metro]

More Details Revealed On Slay Queen Who Died After Surrendering Child To Sangoma


The death of Rudo Nyoka, a 23-year-old  slay queen from Glen View 7  who surrendered her child to a sangoma, continues to send shockwaves across the country. New details have emerged, shedding light on her life and the events leading up to her untimely demise.

Request to confess after falling ill

According to sources who spoke to H-Metro, Rudo fell seriously ill before requesting to confess. It was during this confession that she revealed she believed she had been bewitched by a married woman, leading to her death a few days later.

Surrendering child to Sangoma

In another shocking development, it has been reported that Rudo surrendered her three-year-old daughter to a local sangoma for close to two months as a US$400 loan guarantee. Some claim she sought a charm from the sangoma to attract wealthy men.

“She was a good person, we don’t know where the pressure came from. She didn’t beg, but sought a charm for luck to attract rich men,” said a source.

Promiscuous behaviour

Further revelations about Rudo’s lifestyle have also come to light, painting a picture of a promiscuous young woman who engaged in casual sex and used deception to elevate her status in society.

“She used to squat with UZ students and sleep with different men while lying that she was a student. It’s sad where she was sleeping. It’s a very sad story. She once worked at a massage parlour. She was buried with clothes she used to wear during her business. Hembe dzacho pane dziri kunzi hadzisi dzake,” said a source.

Sister’s denial

However, Rudo’s sister has come out to deny some of these claims, saying she was surprised at what some people were saying about her sister.

“I don’t have much to say about my sister. I know her better than anyone else. God is with us, and you can keep talking,” she said.

The best send-off

In a shocking turn of events, it has been alleged that Rudo’s friends held sex orgies when her body lay in state at her parents’ house, as a way of giving her a “proper” send-off.

“She wanted to blackmail wealthy men claiming to be pregnant. She died a painful death. Her friends said it was the best send-off they could give their friend,” said a source.

The circumstances surrounding Rudo Nyoka’s death continue to baffle and shock the nation, with new information emerging every day.