[Image Credit: South China Morning Post]

Love or Madness? Man’s Extreme Attempt to Win Back Ex-Girlfriend Goes Viral

Desperate plea for love

A man from China’s Sichuan province made headlines after he spent over 20 hours on his knees outside his ex-girlfriend’s workplace, hoping to win her back. According to reports, the man started his desperate attempt to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend on March 28 at 1 pm and continued until the next day at 10 am, through rain, cold, and curious onlookers.

The Crowd Forms

The man’s plight initially went unnoticed, but as the hours passed, a crowd formed around him. Despite the efforts of strangers to convince him to give up, he refused to leave without talking to his ex-girlfriend. One man advised him to stop, saying, “It’s not necessary to keep on kneeling. The girlfriend is not willing to show up but you are still here, losing face.”

Police Called

Even the police were called to make him leave, but he refused to budge. When asked to leave, he said, “Is it illegal for me to kneel down here? If it is not illegal, please leave me alone.”

[Image Credit: South China Morning Post]

Reluctant to Leave

After almost 21 hours, the man reluctantly left, probably because he couldn’t endure the cold anymore. It’s unclear if the ex-girlfriend was even present at her workplace during the man’s 21-hour vigil, or why she broke up with him in the first place.


Despite the man’s persistence, most people criticized his extreme attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend. Some people suggested that he was humiliating himself and should move on. One person commented, “Why humiliate yourself? Just let her go.” While another person wrote, “From this video, I understand why the ex-girlfriend had left him.”


In the end, the man’s 21-hour-long kneeling session proved futile, and he left without his ex-girlfriend. Whether his persistence paid off or not remains a mystery.