Shingi Munyeza Strikes Again, Dupes Woman US$85kShingi Munyeza Dupes Woman US$85k [image: The Herald]

Shingi Munyeza Strikes Again, Dupes Woman US$85k

Popular businessman, Shingi Munyeza, has been accused of duping a woman out of her hard-earned US$85 000, which she had received as a severance package from her previous employer.

Munyeza, who is also a clergyman, has been arrested for his alleged role in this duping scheme, sending shockwaves throughout the community.

Shingi Munyeza Strikes Again, Dupes Woman US$85k
Shingi Munyeza Dupes Woman US$85k [image: The Herald]
The incident, which occurred earlier this year in January, has left the victim reeling with shock and disbelief. According to officials from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Munyeza had convinced the woman to invest her money with him, promising to return US$100 000 by the end of January. However, as fate would have it, Munyeza failed to pay back the money as agreed, leading to the woman reporting the matter to the authorities.

Munyeza, who is renowned for his business acumen, currently runs several franchise outlets in Harare, including Mugg n Bean, Ocean Basket, and KFC. His arrest has sent shockwaves throughout the business community, as many people had placed their trust in him as a reputable businessman and community leader.

However, this not his first time making headlines for the wrong reasons. In 2021 Munyeza made headlines when it emerged that he was cheating on his wife.

Munyeza had his dirty laundry displayed to the public by his daughter Nomsa, after he posted a picture of himself and his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary on Facebook.

As much as the picture seemed sweet for many, it wasn’t appealing for Munyeza’s only daughter who lifted the lid exposing her father of being an ‘evil’ absent father who cheated on his wife.

In response to her parents’ picture, Nosma commented saying, “Happy anniversary to a wife you cheat on and a daughter you left fatherless. You fake evil…. You rather remove this post because you do not cheat on a wife you love that is called evil.”

By Mandisa