Woman Spotted Washing Her Kuku In Public Woman Spotted Washing Her Kuku In Public 

Woman Spotted Washing Her Kuku In Public

A woman who was recently spotted washing her honey pot along a broadway with passersby looking has sent social media into overdrive.

Though the circumstances that led her here could not be ascertained, social media users have been coming up with different theories. Among these, one that seemed to resonate in the comments section is that the lady is probably a thigh vendor who was prepping herself for the next customer.

Check out the video below;

Irikuda kunoshandiswa ipapo ipapo. Or kugeza kuti kumba zvisanzwike kuti yanga ichishandiswa
She’s far much better than some of these driving nice cars around cbd but once they open there legs omg
I often see homeless men washing themselves like this in the morning on my way to work…
Myb she’s a social worker, she just had a client, cleaning it for the next client
She’s resetting the computer box so when she gets home there will be no traces of the other.
Could think of few things that could lead to this; we know RSA for not controlling sanitary towel prices or maybe there was a monster that took her cookie by force, which out of disgust led her to doing this. Somethings are not to be laughed at b4 sazi story
This comes after social media went awash with a video of one, Ruva. Ruva went viral after chats where her married lover’s wife was pleading for her to leave the husband alone, leaked.
However, a video that then went into circulation showing Ruva’s alleged astounding bedroom skills left a number of women understanding why the husband continues to cling on her, while some men made it a mission to hunt her down.

By Mandisa